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·         Go to register to the system:        Register here

·         After you become a member of the system, you can enter the abstract by filling in the gaps in the system. A word document will not be uploaded to the system for the abstract separately.

·         Click here to login and submit your abstract:         login and submit your paper

·         One person can upload up to 2 abstracts (or one name can be included in 2 papers in total) and upload them via the system only.

·         The abstracts will be evaluated by two reviewers with a blind review system and the notices for accepted papers will be sent after the paper accepted immediately to your contact you entered to the system.

·         Registration fee is for max 2 papers. It doesn’t matter how many authors there are in one paper. One fee is covered for one paper in total without limit of authors.

Congress fee is changeable according to origin of different countries. Organizing Committee of the Congress decided to use World Bank Country and Lending Groups for countries to announce the congress fee. Thus;

1.       Please go to the Table 2 below and find your own country where you work and live in and see the income group of your country,

2.       Go to the Table 1 and find your congress fee,

3.      Go to the webpage of “https://ucek.congress.gen.tr” to register and submit your paper.

4.      If your paper is accepted you will get a message for invitation letter and how to pay the congress fee.